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Our firm specializes in helping clients protect the assets they have worked hard to accumulate throughout their life. Making the transition from work to retirement can be daunting.  By using a Retirement Designed Money Management System emphasizing low risk and low volatility we help secure and protect your retirement funds.  Our strategies integrate social security and tax analysis as well as products and programs to insure your financial future.  Our goal is to protect your funds and making sure you have sufficient income for life. We believe that the best way to make money is not to lose money.
Peter Vlahakis
Founder and Principal

Peter is a nationally cited retirement expert, having been cited on ABC,FOX, NBC, CBS and CNN.  


Peter has over three decades in accounting and financial services.  After earning his degree in Accounting from San Diego State University, Peter spent the next seven years in public accounting followed by five years as Controller and Chief Financial Officer of an engineering firm.  In 1986, he was a founding partner becoming CEO of a financial services firm that evolved into Applied Concepts Financial Services.  Peter designs and helps implement custom tailored retirement, estate and business transition strategies for individual clients and business owners.  


Peter has designed proprietary financial programs as well as a specialty product that was offered nationally by a major international insurer.


If you are nearing or in retirement we offer a complimentary portfolio review and risk analysis. Most are unaware of their risk exposure.  We make sure that your portfolio risk exposure  matches your risk tolerance level. You can reach us through the "Contact Us" page to schedule a complimentary consultation or feel free to call us at 800-794-6090.  

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